Strawberry Cheesecake

Satiate your sweet tooth cravings with the Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream that is the key to heaven. The rich and creamy ice cream combines the flavors of cheesecake and strawberry in a single bowl of happiness.

Turkish Delights

Love Turkish Delights? Well, now indulge in our enjoyable twist to the little cubes of joy with a burst of jelly delights with our Turkish Delight Ice-Cream!

Red velvet

Treat yourself to the exotic Red velvet Icecream which is a medley of cream cheese and chunks of red velvet cake for all the sweet lovers to rejoice! Another masterpiece to taste without fail.

Belgian chocolate

Happiness is that feeling when chocolate melts in your mouth. Indulge in the ultimate Belgian Chocolate Icecream which combines rich, velvety flavor with chunks of Belgian chocolate for a uniquely textured experience.